“Kay-nan” meaning “the traveller” was born in Samalia and rasied amidst rattling Ak-47s and live grenades K’naan began learning English not in class but through hiphop tapes his father sent back to him from the United States. At the age of 11 K’naan escaped with his family on the last commercial flight leaving Somalia. K’naan settled in the Rexdale area of Toronto for the next few years all the while absorbing English through hiphop. He dropped out of school in 10th grade and traveled performing at vasious music events. In 2001 he was invited to perform in Geneva at the 50th anniversary of the UN Commission for the Refugees. Here he courageously ripped into the UN’s lack of action in Somalia.


K’naan since then has released two albums the first being “ the Dusty Foot Philosopher “ in 2005 and recently “ Troubdour “ in the beginning of 2009. While both albums contain politically charged songs K’naan maintains that he is not political but just stating the facts.

Check out some of the more mainstream songs on K’naan’s new album.
“Bang Bang” featuring Adam Levine of Maroon 5 and “Take a Minute”

And that’s your cue.

Check out his sophomore release “Troubadour”
And that’s your cue.

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After viewing the first episode of the HBO show “True Blood” my first impression was dissapointment.  The show does a horrid job of character development and you really do not feel any emotion for any of them.  The only character that stood out was Jason, Sookie’s brother.  Beyond that all of the other characters led mundane lives not worth mentioning, this includes Bill the Vampire.  The boring story line and weak character development may be due in part to the terrible acting.  The most glaring of these being in the parking lot scene where two vampire blood dealers proceed to “kick” the shit out of Sookie.  The whole scene looks fake with the kicks colliding againts a half foot barrier preventing the audience from accepting them as real blows.  Further more there was no chemistry between Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer though it’s what the show was desperately trying to imply.

The general plot of what the show is trying to run on may have substance but the way it’s been directed and portrayed by the actors leaves one wanting far more.  I may watch the second episode just to give it a chance to develop the characteres more however if nothing astoudning happens then it’s a serious no-watch show for me.  As of the first episode the show receives a D+ grade from me and will need a serious jolt in the second episode to kick start any interest from me.


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